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    Ossett is a market town within Gods own county aka Yorkshire.  Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire,  Ossett appears in the 1086 Domesday Book as "Osleset", which was in the Manor of Wakefield.

    Ossett cum Gawthorpe was a township in the ancient parish of Dewsbury, it became a civil parish in 1866, and was incorporated as the Municipal Borough of Ossett in 1890. Under the Local Government Act 1972, it became an unparished area in the City of Wakefield and is home to the famous Ossett Martial Arts, Ossett Trinity Tigers, Ossett United, Ossett RUFC and Ossett Cricket Club.

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    • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STAR OF THE WEEK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Goes to this young man . Struggled at first in Martial Arts with Adapting with Rules and respect. But we got there , He has been Outstanding A changed lad . Am soooooo proud of him , coming in Saying please and thank you . Training been 100% Helping others and the respect he has for me Top ❤️ You are person I like to work with , to make you believe in your self . Then you my friend you can do ANYTHING in life , when you put your mind to it . NEVER SAY I CAN'T YOU NEVER WILL Least try and give it ago . If you fail , pick your self back up and TRY AGAIN I like to thank you for your respect , you are truly a AWESOME lad. Keep it up , I know your mum and dad be so proud 👏 #ossettmartialarts #staroftheweek #positivevibes #ossett #MartialArts View the full article
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    • 🥋 ABOUT ME AND FAMILY 👍 Am Tony , 39 born and bred in Ossett Tony Crookes So my mum and dad , started Ossett Martial Arts 27 years Ago. We was the first full time Martial Arts school in Ossett . We started off in a Old Bingo Hall , got about 30 students , then decided to open a full time Martial Arts school at Old Chapel. We went onto bigger and better things , gaining over 200 students , so had to get a bigger place so moved into a bigger unit . On Rc Marsden next door to the PlayStation. And now moved into our own unit . Teaching 100's of students every day . 👉 EARLY DAYS 👈 So growing up with my 3 brothers , we a good upbringing, my mum and dad had 3 jobs each And seeing them work there arses off , to provide for us, Made us all see work as is defo a must in life . I always remember getting a leaflet for Martial Arts , and started at Ossett School with my old Master Shabir Aktar , I was 9/10 year old and couldn't wait to do . So mum and dad took us along . I was a very quiet lad and bit in my self Believe it or not haha . ( as people know me now I can't stop talking or just random talk to anyone 🤣) So nervous I was , I started and loved it so much . We travelled uk , did gradings all over . Travelled to do competitions . Wow the feeling I got was brilliant . Anyway to shorten the story Master Aktar , asked my dad to start teaching and then from there we Opened up Ossett Martial Arts. At the age 13 I was helping teaching , Funny story I would design the old leaflets on computer , print all day and my dad would cut with a Stanley knife . Me and my brothers would go out every weekend to delivery leaflets 🤣🤣🤣 We started to boooom it . Family Business , my mum was training too got to green belt , but stopped as couldn't call my dad Master or sir 🤣🤣🤣 So me , dad and brothers be training and teaching . Older brother our Ja , Then me , our John then baby brother Our Ben. Our John getting picked for the England team time he was 8 . 👌 FEW YEARS DOWN THE LINE 👍 So we was living the life , Mum and dad quit working all there jobs . We focused on Martial Arts , Teaching and travelling all round the world . America , Thailand, Europe and lot more places . Training with Super stars , power rangers making good friends with them . Teaching Thousands of Students , at our Martial Arts School , in Schools . So this Family Business we built up Was kicking off and we was booming it 😃 ME AND NOW 💪 So me , I struggled at school and was also told Crookes your going to be a nobody , but I know what I wanted to do . I wanted to help Kid's, Am a big kid just with a job . So inside of me , I wanted to create something that nobody has . I started fun clubs , Creating all my own games , Letting kids been kids . Creating fun for them OMA Fun Club I started Parties , and booming it Action Packed Parties I teach In around 10 schools Thousands of kids I go into school teaching Building up confidence, life skills. All inside of my challenging my self to help people, to get the best out of every single person I come across , building up a child's confidence, knowing years ago I was that child at one point . So has now I take over from my dad at Ossett Martial Arts . I WILL I PROMISE To be the best I can be . I work my arse off to help others . To gain the Respect 🙏 Have not had a easy life , somedays I felt I had a mountain to climb but them little steps have conquered it . Have met many friends at our Martial Arts If you've ever trained or been to Ossett Martial Arts you are my family ❤️ So please guys never give up Set them goals , Dream it and Achieve Be kind to others , help others , everyone's got a purpose in life Am just a lucky one as my purpose is to help others and I love it . YOU GUYS ROCK and thank you for reading my bout how Ossett Martial Arts and just bit about my story behind me and Ossett Martial Arts . Peace out ✌️ Tony xx #ossettmartialarts #martialartsinossett #ossett #goodvibes #about #westyorkshire #Wakefield #Sports #ossettmartialarts View the full article
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